Covid-19 Home Testing kits

Once students are offered their third and final in school Covid-19 test, they will be given a Covid-19 Home Testing Kit and the below letter along with instructions. Students that miss the third and final test can collect a kit from student reception.

Parent Letter Home Testing Kits Year 7 and Year 10

Parent Letter Home Testing Kits Year 8, Year 9, Year 11 Year 12 and Year 13

  • Tests are to be done at home twice a week on the dates in the above letters
  • You need to log results with the NHS – details on how to do this are in the kit – you only need to contact the school if you have a positive test result
  • If your child does test positive, they will need to self isolate along with the family bubble. You will need to book a confirmation test with NHS Test and Trace team in the normal way

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