Creative Writing Competition – Year 7

Creative Writing Competition

Year 7

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Congratulations to our winners!

As part of their studies, our Year 7 students have been reading Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans.

After reading this fantastical tale filled with retired Olympian gods, a death daemon imprisoned beneath Stonehenge and a goddess on a mission, our students were invited to submit their own creative writing entries for our creative writing competition.

The brief was simple: be as imaginative and creative as possible.


1st: Elizabeth Kane

2nd: Isabel Barker-Poole

3rd: Finn McDonald

All of our winning entrants were congratulated by Headteacher Mr Hardy and Head of English Miss Gascoigne before receiving a book voucher for their brilliant pieces of writing.

Click here to read the winning story in full.

An excerpt from the winning story, “Artemis” by Elizabeth Kane:

Artemis walked down the street, tracing the tip of her finger along the sharp edge of her blade. She pulled back her hand quickly and stared at it as blood welled up on the hardened pad of her fingertip.

She glanced up. This was her destination. Feeling excited, Artemis scanned the building for a viable entrance. She spotted the bathroom window, wide open. Almost as though she was being invited in. Artemis smiled.

She stealthily climbed up the piping at the side of the house and jumped in through the bathroom window. Now, she must wait. She lurked in the bathroom, staring at the luxurious soap and shower gel with envy.

Finally, the lights in the hallway turned off. 10.30pm. Artemis left the bathroom, creeping through the empty hallway until she saw a crack of light peeking from under a wooden door. Taking a deep breath of excitement, Artemis flung the door open.

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