July 1st – Years 7-9 Live Event on SMHW – Don’t miss it!

Live event information

Starting on the 15th June, the way we set work is going to change slightly.

Years 7 to 9 are going to have a rolling activity afternoon once a week. Teaching staff will set no work for these afternoons. Instead, there will be live events running as shown in the table.

These events can be accessed by following the link available on Show My Homework. They will be set as a flexible task, shown as a pink box, so you can decide if you would like to take part but we really encourage you to get involved!

Year 10 are going to have similar events running every Friday afternoon. Again, teaching staff will not set work for these afternoons and students are encouraged to get involved via the links on Show My Homework. Due to Year 10 students being in school one day a week, subject staff will also only be setting two additional pieces of work each week. These will be set on a Monday or Tuesday and be due in on Friday so students can manage their time more flexibly.

To access the events, you will need to login to Microsoft Teams using your school email address (A0_ _ _ _ @theredhillacademy.org.uk) and usual password.

15th June
General knowledge quiz
23rd June
Sports afternoon
1st July
House Role Models Live Quiz
9th July
Performing arts event
17th July
Coming soon!
20th July
Coming soon!

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