Ella Meek – Pride of Britain Award WINNER

Ella Meek – Pride of Britain Winner 2021

Redhill Academy student Ella Meek and her sister, former Redhill student Amy Meek, have become the first winners of the Pride of Britain – Green Champion Award!

Ella, 16 and her sister Amy, 18, are the founders of ‘Kids Against Plastic’ a youth social action group, which is now a registered charity. It calls for action against plastic pollution and encourages individuals, schools and businesses to be more ‘plastic clever’ and ditch single-use plastics where possible.

They have given TED talks, spoken with leaders in the aviation industry about reducing their plastic footprint, addressed politicians in Westminster and spoken at the United Nations’ Young Activist Summit in December 2019.

It has been an incredible year for the girls with ‘Kids Against Plastic’ also becoming part of the 2021 Logitech DEFY LOGIC campaign alongside Lil Nas X, Kimberley Margarita and other influential creators, artists and activists.

“As a school, we are incredibly proud of Ella and Amy’s achievements, they are wonderful role models for both the students at the Academy and the wider community. They fully deserve this award as recognition for all their hard work and endeavours.”

– Mr. M Hardy, Headteacher

The Pride of Britain awards will be aired tomorrow, Thursday, 4th November at 8pm, on ITV.

The sisters are also featuring on The One Show tomorrow, Thursday 4th November, at 7pm, BBC One. Discussing their ‘Kids Against Plastic’ as part of the BBCs COP26 coverage.

Go to: www.kidsagainstplastic.co.uk to learn more about this vital, awe-inspiring work and get involved by downloading their app.

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