Exam advice for Year 13

Here is an update based on the latest information from the Government.  If you have any questions please email me at s.sharp@theredhillacademy.org.uk or call me at school.

You will not be taking any exams this summer, but you will be awarded a grade for each of your A levels. These grades will be formal grades, with the same status as grades awarded in any other year.

How will this happen?

We will use a variety of information: mock exams, common deadline, class work, homework, assessments and coursework to make as realistic a judgement as possible, which will then be submitted as your grade.

The exam regulator will carefully moderate these grades to ensure they are accurate and fair and then they will award the grade.

You will then be awarded your grades in the summer, and these will be used by universities to confirm places as usual.

What if you don’t agree with the grade?

There will be an appeal process and the opportunity to take an exam later in the year, or in summer 2021.

What should I do now?

  1. Complete all work/homework set by your teachers via SMHW. You must check this daily and keep in regular contact with staff.
  2. Ensure you finish the syllabus/course and keep all notes and revision materials safe (you may need these in the future).
  3. Complete extra work to prepare for university/ apprenticeships. Please see the “Redhill independent study guide” for extra work in all subjects. Your university may send you prep work/reading lists late in the summer. The best advice is to complete a MOOC via the Futurelearn website. These are free online courses on a variety of topics offered by universities around the world. They will keep you active and really help maintain good study habits ready for September.

What about my university place?

Universities will accept your grade with the same status as any other year.

They will be flexible and supportive, and will be sending you information directly.

Do not rush into accepting an unconditional offer (some universities are now changing offers to unconditional). Wait for all offers and make a careful considered choice before the UCAS deadline (remember this date is different for each student).


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