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As we enter the second week of home schooling we thought it would be useful to send out some suggestions on how to manage this. We really appreciate the efforts parents are making to follow the work that is being set and know that this cannot be easy. We are also learning the best ways to do this and will adapt our approaches as the school closure continues.


    1. Stick to a routine
      • A routine is really important during this time of uncertainty. Try to keep the structure of each day in-line with your child’s school timetable as much as possible. This can include reading for pleasure.
      • Teachers will post the work on Show My Homework in the morning (by 9am) of the day the students would normally have that lesson. It will say that it is due that day and it is what would have been tackled in that lesson.
      • Some work will be marked – it will say clearly if this is the case and it should be emailed to the teacher.
      • It is important to build in breaks and fun activities. Make a timetable and stick it up to encourage your child to follow it.


    1. Complete what is possible
      • Teachers will be asked to set work they feel is manageable within a lesson. If your child does not manage to complete all of the work do not worry. Move to a different subject, do something physical or take or break.


    1. Contact teachers if in doubt
      • Your child can email teachers if they are not sure about the work. They will be able to help.


    1. Join in when you can
      • If parents can engage with the work it will encourage the children. Ask them to be the expert – see if they can tell you what they have learnt.


    1. Keep active
      • Spend some time exercising. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to an outside space – there are lots of exercises online you can do indoors.

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