Italy Ski Trip Refund

Ski Trip Update 23.04.20

Dear Parents

RE: Italy Ski Trip Refund

Further to my previous communication to you regarding refunding payments for the cancelled ski trip, I am now able to provide you with a further update.

Unfortunately, despite previous assurances from PGL (the travel company) that they would issue the school with a full refund by 03 April 2020, this payment has not been received. Further to this, PGL have now stated they are unsure when they will be able to make this payment. This is clearly very disappointing and I can reassure you that conversations with PGL are continuing in earnest to resolve this dispute as soon as possible.

After raising the issue with Redhill Academy Trust leaders, the Trust has agreed to provide temporary funds to the school to enable us to still make payment of a full refund to all parents. They are very aware that some families will be relying on this payment during these difficult times and wanted to ensure there were no further delays.

As, such the funds should be refunded in full back into your bank account by Friday 01 May 2020. You will receive a text message to confirm that the funds have been transferred.

I trust this information provides you with the reassurance you require.

Yours faithfully

Mike Walsh

Ski Trip Leader

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