We’re sure that you will have heard speculation in the media regarding exam arrangements for the Summer.   At this current time, we fully expect examinations to go ahead in 2022 for Year 11 and Year 13 students and this is the scenario which we will continue to prepare for.

However, we appreciate that it is important to have a contingency plan in place to ensure that our students are fully prepared for any changes to this plan.  If examinations cannot go ahead in summer 2022 because of further COVID disruption, the government has decided that examination grades will instead be determined by teachers, using a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) approach. We have been asked to collect formal assessment data throughout this school year which will be used to determine TAGs if exams are cancelled.

These supervised assessments will be held under timed exam-like conditions and have been designed to support learning and preparation for examinations if they do take place.    If a student receives reasonable adjustments in examinations because of a disability (such as extra time to complete an assessment, supervised rest breaks or use of a reader or scribe) then they will be provided with this support during the assessment[s].

We will be in touch in the Spring Term regarding any updates if it is looking increasingly likely that examinations may not be able to go ahead in their traditional form.


Summer 2021 Exam Certificates are now ready for collection from the main school reception. If you wish someone else to collect them on your behalf, they will need to bring in a letter or text message giving your authorisation.


The links below show you the current Information for Candidates documents concerning all types of external assessments. These are published by JCQ, The Joint Council for Qualifications and outline the requirements placed on candidates taking GCSE and GCE examinations.

Information for Candidates – Written Examinations

Information for candidates – coursework

Information for candidates – on-screen tests

Information for candidates – Social Media

Information for Candidates – Non-examination assessment

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice

GCSE Exam boards


All examination centres are required to publish information concerning public examination hosted by the centre. The link below will open the Redhill School Policy for Assessment Decisions and Examination Procedures.

Redhill Academy Examination Policy

Word Processor Policy