Every student at The Redhill Academy, from Years 7 through 11 is a member of one of 5 Houses.

Vertical tutor groups of about twenty students are arranged within the house system. The tutor has prime responsibility for the support of students within the tutor group and liaises closely with the Heads of House to provide support, care and guidance for all students. Within tutor groups older students are encouraged to mentor younger students, providing an additional informal means of support.

An extensive programme of House activities is arranged throughout the school year arranging from sporting activities, charity and cultural events. Students quickly form an allegiance to their house and a sense of healthy competition pervades at all house events.

Africanus House

Head of House:
Mr Phillips
House Achievement Co-ordinator:
Miss Davis

Green House

Head of House:
Mr Allen
House Achievement Co-ordinator:
Mr Furniss

Smith House

Head of House:
Mr N Baxter
House Achievement Co-ordinator:
Miss Anderson

Knight House

Head of House:
Mr Britton
House Achievement Co-ordinator:
Mrs Warren

Lawrence House

Head of House:
Miss Davies
House Achievement Co-ordinator:
Mrs Smith

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