Here at The Redhill Academy we are proud to have a comprehensive pastoral House System which is designed to develop a sense of belonging, maximise achievement and instil pride in all of our students.

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Vertical tutoring means that each House tutor group has 4-5 members from each year within it and has a dedicated member of staff to ensure more personalised and tailored tutoring; built on positive relationships and knowledge of students in order to get the best from them.

Each House is led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a Head of House, together with a House Support Assistant who all work very closely with the students and staff tutor team.

The role of the Head of House is focused on the achievement of the students they are responsible for; including their academic performance, pastoral well-being and ensuring all students achieve their full potential regardless of background, ethnicity, gender or educational needs.

In addition, the House system together with the vertical system provides opportunities for students to have real life experiences by ensuring they interact with people of all ages rather than simply their own age group. Students are nurtured by older students and also learn how to communicate with younger people, be a role model and develop leadership skills.

House activities include sporting, culinary, artistic, scientific and musical competitions to name a few. The purpose of these competitions is to promote a sense of healthy competition, belonging and camaraderie. We hold at least two inter-house competitions each half-term and believe that taking part in an event inspires a sense of duty and pride as well as nurturing a sense of self-belief.


House Head of House House Support Assistant SLT Link
Knight Mr R Britton Mrs C Booth
Lawrence Mr S Peters Mrs M Heathcote/Mrs C Larvin Mrs J Giles
Green Mrs S Staniforth Miss E Robb Miss L Wilkinson
Africanus Mr L Phillips Mrs A Lacey Mr G Clarke
Smith Mr N Baxter Miss R Anderson Mr M Walsh

Contacting a member of the House Team

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for your child – if you wish to contact a member of the House Team, please do so by calling the main school phone number.