Schools now receive extra funding to support students in different circumstances and help them achieve. This is known as the ‘Pupil Premium’. Pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals and/or who are looked after should benefit from this. At The Redhill Academy we account for this funding to ensure that it is invested effectively to enhance our provision for these students.

Funding is used to support achievement through subsidising the following activities:

  • ‘One to One mentoring’ in Maths and English
  • Reading programmes
  • Smaller group sizes across the school
  • Student Support Centre and Pupil Achievement Centre
  • Subsidises for activities such as Music lessons and D of E provision
  • Funding external provision placements
  • Subsidising school visits and uniform purchases
  • ‘Easter-revision’ school
  • A programme of extra-curricular activities to develop skills in Sports, Drama, Music and ICT
  • Attendance and punctuality monitoring

A copy of our Pupil Premium spending and impact statement can be downloaded below as can a copy of our Pupil Premium Statement and Policy

Pupil Premium Review and Three Year Strategy