Supporting your child with their GCSEs

Parents can sometimes feel a sense of frustration when their child begins the study of examination courses in Year 10. On the one hand they want to help as much as they can, yet on the other they are not always sure of the best way to provide the most effective support.

That is why we have established this page. It has a variety of materials that will help you to assist your child. As always, if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us.

Year 11 Students

Y11 Revision Evening Booklet

Y11 Revision Evening Presentation

Year 10 Students

Y10 Revision Evening Booklet

Y10 Revision Evening Presentation

Exam boards for your child’s subjects

Maths Maths (AQA)
English English Language (AQA)
English Literature (AQA)
Science Combined Science (AQA)
Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics (AQA)                                                      Opted for as Separate Science
Psychology (OCR)
Performing Arts Music (OCR)
Drama (Edexcel)
Dance (AQA)
Art (OCR)
Humanities History (Edexcel)
Geography (AQA)
Religious Studies (AQA)
MFL French (AQA)
German (AQA)
IT & Business Computer Science (OCR)
Business (AQA)
Creative iMedia (OCR)
BTEC Health & Social Care Level 2 (Pearson)
PE Physical Education (OCR)
Design Technology Design and Technology (AQA)
Food Preparation & Nutrition (AQA)
Design and Technology (Textiles) (AQA)