Red Nose Day 2022

Red Nose Day 2022

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Bake sale in aid of Comic Relief

This year we have eight passionate and hard-working students raising money for Red Nose Day 2022!


We are asking all parents/carers who can, to help us by baking, making or donating something delicious.

Cook up your family favourite or try one of the Red Nose Day recipes (download below) to help us raise money and make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world.

Please help us get selling so we can turn your delicious bakes into some serious dough!

Sign up – ask your child to sign up via their form tutor sheet.



Poverty isn’t simple, and it’s not always easy to see. It’s behind so many of the issues that Comic Relief work to tackle. In each of these areas, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people’s lives even harder, so your support is as important as ever.

Comic Relief believe those who are closest to the issues have the best solutions, so they work with them to build a better world.

We are also extremely concerned about the fast-deteriorating ongoing situation in Ukraine. As the conflict intensifies, civilians are increasingly at risk. Comic Relief are working with their partners right now to make sure your Red Nose Day donations can support people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

All year-round, the money donated to Comic Relief works hard to support some incredible projects making a change to people’s lives across the UK and around the world. In fact, over the past two years, Comic Relief funding has helped to support 11.7 million people, including:

MORE THAN 750,000…

…people in the UK experiencing financial and material poverty to access advice and support.

MORE THAN 29,000

people who have experienced or are at risk of domestic abuse to access safe accommodation and specialist services.

MORE THAN 46,000

children and young people in the UK, and more than 8.1 million internationally.

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