Redhill Oxbridge Candidates 2022

Redhill Oxbridge Candidates 2022

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We are delighted to announce that the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford have offered places to five of our Year 13 students this year!

Redhill Oxbridge Candidates 2022

We are incredibly proud of all our students offered a place, as well as all of those who worked exceptionally hard and put themselves through the rigorous application and interview process.

Our Oxbridge Candiates 2022:

Jake Broughton has been offered a place to read Geography at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He said he chose Geography because “I just always really enjoyed it, it’s one of my strongest subjects, and I would like to go into a career in Geography. Also, Selwyn College looks really friendly, very diverse, and has lots of nice facilities.”

Oliver Burchell has been offered a place to read Mathematics at Pembroke College, Cambridge and is thrilled to find out he will be joining Jake. He told us, “I am excited, grateful, and very happy with where I am now. ”

Owen Miller has been offered a place to read History at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. He said, “History is something I have always enjoyed since I was young; it’s a big passion of big. My grandad has always enjoyed it, and we often talk about History together.”

Jessica Griffiths has been offered a place to read joint honours in History & French at St Catharine’s, Cambridge. When asked how she feels, she said, “I am really, really happy and really excited. I was quite shocked when I first opened the email; I was not expecting to get in.”

And finally, congratulations to our Head Boy Goodnews Nwosu, who has been offered a place to read Chemistry at Magdalen College, Oxford. He is exceptionally proud and says, “I am feeling excited. I was ecstatic when I first heard. I chose Chemistry because I really enjoy learning new things and using practicals to affirm what you’ve just learnt.”

In addition, we would like to mention our seven medical students. They put themselves through the challenging medical application process and have applied for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine between them. These students are all currently awaiting news on their applications.

115 Year 13 Redhill Academy Sixth Form students have applied to UCAS and hold over 300 offers between them, including top Russell Group universities such as St Andrews, Bristol and Warwick.

We want to say well done to all our students, and we look forward to supporting them with the next steps in their transition to adult life!

– The Sixth Form Team

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