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Happy half term, everyone - wishing you all a really good week!

Last chance for any more 'thank you' cards... These will be delivered very soon. Thanks very much to everyone who's been involved with this! ☺️

Beautiful day for our HE+ visitor to Peterhouse Cambridge @Peterhouse_SLO

Slight change of plan: Year 12 assembly will be in the Study Centre tomorrow, not the ODH! Please spread the word. 🙂

Keep an eye on @hearthisidea, a great new podcast created by a student of @Peterhouse_Cam, including supervision-style in-depth interviews with students and academics in a range of subjects. What an exciting way to #exploreyoursubject!


In-depth conversations with academics for an interested audience.


Feeling very chilled after our yoga sessions @SouthNottsAcdmy

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