Redhill Sixth Form is driven by a desire to see students ‘aim high’ in life and, as such, actively encourages students to apply to university or advanced apprenticeships.

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Below is information for students wishing to explore what University has to offer.

For information on appreticeships and careers click here.


HE+ is a programme of Masterclasses, funded by Cambridge University, for state sector sixth forms with the aim to inspire students to apply to competitive universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

These sessions aim to provide extra support for those who are already academic and highly aspirational, but also those from less academic backgrounds who have the potential to progress to selective higher education but are perhaps from under-represented areas and backgrounds and therefore would be less likely to progress on to top-tier universities.

  • University style lectures on your chosen subjects
  • The chance to explore new topics
  • Meeting like-minded students from other colleges

The HE+ programme is designed to develop your knowledge and build confidence in attending university. You’ll become part of an academic community and get a preview of the broader programme of reading that comes with Higher Education.

Even after the core HE+  programme ends, you will be supported through the university application process with sessions on personal statements and preparing for interviews.

The programme is a sustained year-long initiative running from the autumn or spring term of Year 12 through to the autumn term of Year 13.

Upcoming Open Days at the University of Cambridge can be found here.

Information for parents of students enrolling in the HE+ programme can be found here.


The Informed Choices website can help students considering university and looking for information to help them choose the best subjects to open up different degrees, particularly at Russell Group universities.

The guidance is written by admissions directors from the 24 Russell Group universities and explains why subject choice matters.


Click here to learn more about Russell Group universities.

UCAS helps to inspire and empower people to make aspirational choices about higher education and learning.

Visit UCAS:

The Uni Guide helps students make more informed decisions about their higher education choices. The Uni Guide is an update to the award-winning Which? University website.

Visit UniGuide:

Pure Potential is an independent organisation which raises the aspirations of thousands of sixth formers every year, encouraging them to apply to, and achieve offers from, excellent universities and leading employers.

Visit PurePotential:

Discover Uni is an official source of information about higher education.

It includes official statistics about higher education courses taken from national surveys and data collected from universities and colleges about all their students.

Visit DiscoverUni:

The National Union of Students (NUS) champion students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. Education is the defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society, and students are the hope for the future of education.

Visit NUS:

The Student Room is the UK’s largest online student community.

Visit The Student Room:

Push is a not-for-profit organisation that supports school-leavers and students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds to make well informed decisions about their futures and to have the skills and resources to make their choices a reality.

Visit Push:

Check if you’re eligible for student finance, find out how much you can get, how to apply and when you start repaying. You may be able to borrow money to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with living costs.

Visit Student Finance England:

Step by step guide to Undergraduate finance options:



Student Cash Point from LendingExpert is designed to advise and assist students in the process of finding funding opportunities to cover the costs of going to college or university. Student Cash Point offers a service which helps you to find funding opportunities available to cover the costs of your studies.

Visit LendingExpert:

Guides and tools to help you save money while studying.

Visit MSE: was started in 1999 and has established itself as the definitive source of university and college open day information in the UK.

Visit OpenDays: