Student COVID vaccinations at The Redhill Academy – NEW DATE: Thursday 25th November 2021

NEW DATE: Thursday 25th November 2021

As per our previous email the NHS Covid Vaccinations team are due to be at Redhill this Thursday.

Only students whose parents have completed the consent form will be vaccinated.

The program will run throughout the day, with students asked in the lesson if they are due to be vaccinated to make there way to the Main Hall. After being vaccinated students will be monitored for 15 minutes before returning to class.

We ask that you make sure your child is aware that they are due to be vaccinated, to ensure they are ready when their class is called.

  • Morning – Years 7, 8, 11
  • Afternoon – Years 9 and 10

We are aiming for all vaccinations to be completed by the end of the school day – but, if required, the vaccination team will continue until 4pm which may delay the return home of students vaccinated in the afternoon.

Please note that the Academy are only providing a location for vaccinations to take place.

All queries around consent need to be directed to the NHS School Vaccinations Team.

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