Following student, parent and staff feedback during the closure so far, we are going to start using a rota for the collecting in of work from students in Key Stages 3 and 4. The aim of this is to spread out the work students are being asked to send back to their teachers. The rota means that staff request work back in only in certain weeks and then they will give some feedback to students. Work will continue to be set on the day when students would have had a lesson, but students will only need to send work in on the week allocated for each subject area in this Document.

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Additional resources

In addition to the suggestions for further study that you have received from your teachers, there are many useful online learning platforms, podcasts and YouTube channels that you can use. The time you have at the moment can help you to prepare you for A levels/college courses/apprenticeships, deepen your A level knowledge, get you ready for University study or you can simply learn something new beyond your subjects. The resources below direct you to activities that will keep your brain active and sharp whilst also helping you to make sure you keep thinking and challenging yourself.

Use the hyperlinked contents pages in the Sixth Form Independent Study Guide and Carry on Learning – The Redhill Academy Guide to jump to the sections that interest you.

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Commemorating VE Day 75th Anniversary

Sixth Form independent study guide UPDATED

Support for Parents and Carers

The Redhill Academy is pleased to offer additional help with the education of children at home at this difficult time. StarLine is a national home learning helpline (0330 313 916) and website ( offering expert information and advice to parents and carers.