At The Redhill Academy we pride ourselves on the outstanding teaching we provide. We ensure students receive clear explanations, we support their growth in confidence when learning new material through our curriculum structure and we monitor and evaluate their application and understanding of new knowledge or skills, enabling us to support their progress.

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This page is designed to support you with all aspects of your remote learning.

Here are some examples of work completed at home.



In order to access Microsoft Teams you must first log in to your school E-mail and Office 365 via RM Unify HERE.

Here is a guide to help students access and use RMUnify.



Please familiarise yourself with the video conferencing: safe and effective use guide here.

Remote lessons will be on Microsoft Teams via Office 365.

Here is a guide to accessing and using the key features of Office 365.


The Redhill Academy IT department is open Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

To access help and guidance during these hours, please get in touch with them via or call 0115 926 1481


Teachers will set work via Show My Homework (SMHW). Follow the links below for help with SMHW:

Accessing SMHW

Submitting work using SMHW

Leaving comments for your teachers on SMHW


If you have finished your work for the day and would like some further learning then please make use of the resources below. There are many useful online learning platforms, podcasts and YouTube channels that you can use on general topics or for specific subjects.

Y11 and 13 students should use this time to help prepare for A levels/college courses/apprenticeships, deepen A level knowledge, get ready for University study or simply learn something new. The resources below direct you to activities that will keep your brain active and sharp whilst also helping you to make sure you keep thinking and challenging yourself.

Use the hyperlinked contents pages in the Carry on Learning – The Redhill Academy Guide and Sixth Form Independent Study Guide to jump to the sections that interest you.

NEW Carry on Learning – The Redhill Academy Guide

UPDATED Sixth Form Independent Study Guide

More Cultural and Educational Ideas

Science Enrichment KS3

Science Enrichment KS4

Science Enrichment KS5