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A new partnership for sustainability

The Redhill Academy are pleased to announce a new partnership with The Children’s Society to supply our community with used school uniform. 

We are calling all students and parents to bring any unwanted uniforms to their tutor group over the coming weeks. There is also a donation drop-off at The Children’s Society Shop in Arnold Town Centre. Address: 99 Front St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EB. 

Rather than send old uniforms to landfills, The Children’s Society sorts and cleans donations and will then stock Redhill Academy uniforms at key points during the school year. The uniforms will be selling for a good cause and at less than 1/3 of the retail price with any donations not meeting the required standard being recycled – so if in doubt, donate it!

This initiative continues our Academy’s hard work over the last five years to improve sustainability throughout the school, with LED lighting, new double glazing, biomass boilers and recycling points across the site! 

Donating school uniforms to The Children’s Society will help our environment whilst increasing the proceeds of this worthwhile cause and giving parents a low-cost alternative for uniforms.

You can learn more about the great work taking place at The Children’s Society’s here.

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The Children’s Society charity shops across the country and online help raise huge amounts for young people. Every item donated and sold makes a difference.

By selling your donated clothes and other treasures, they are able to pay for well-being practitioners, services that keep children away from gangs, campaigns that secure funding for families in crisis and much, much more.

“We provide specialist support that empowers young people to make positive changes and rediscover their hope. They want a future they can look forward to and we’re here to make sure they get it. Working alongside young people, their families and community, we will not rest until together, step-by-step, we’ve created a society built for all children.”

The Children’s Society

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