Year 12 Parents’ Evening (virtual)

4.00pm – 7.00pm – Wednesday 24th February 2021

I would like to invite you to attend our Year 12 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 24th February 2021.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will be running the event online. During the evening, parents and students will have the opportunity to meet with subject teachers via a video call that will be run through our provider ‘School Cloud’. No specialised software or equipment is required and the web-based software can be accessed using a smart phone / tablet / PC capable of making a video call.

Making appointments

Parents will need to make appointments ahead of the event by following the link below.

Bookings will be open from 9.00am on Monday 15th February 2021 and will close on Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Attending the online event

On the evening, you will need to log onto the website (using the same link) and then join the pre-booked appointments. We suggest logging in five minutes before your first appointment is due to start. Should you wish to receive telephone calls on the evening rather than an online video call, or have any questions regarding these arrangements, please contact the academy’s reception team.

Yours faithfully

Mr M Walsh
Assistant Headteacher

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