Year 9 Review Meetings Friday 5th November 2021

I am pleased to inform you that this academic year will see the return of our review meetings for each year group, starting with Year 9 on Friday 5th November. The review meetings are an opportunity for parents to come into the academy to meet with their child’s tutor to discuss progress and to talk about targets for the year ahead. Students are expected to attend these meetings. Although we will continue to use school cloud for online parents’ evenings this academic year, we have decided to offer in-person review meetings with your child’s tutor to ensure parents still have an opportunity to come into school at some point during the year. If you are unable to attend in person then the review meeting can be held over the phone.

When will the review meetings take place?
School will finish at 2.05pm on Friday 5th November so that staff can meet with parents. The meetings usually last around fifteen minutes. If you are unable to attend, then please let your child’s tutor know by writing a note in your child’s planner. Their Tutor will then be in touch to arrange an alternative time or to speak to you over the phone.
How to book a review meeting with your child’s tutor
Your child will be responsible for making the appointment with their tutor. The appointment time will then be recorded in their planner. If you are not able to attend or would prefer to speak to your child’s tutor over the phone then please write this in your child’s planner.

Where will the meeting take place?
Meetings usually take place in your child’s tutor room. We suggest that you arrange to meet with your child before the start of your meeting so they can show you to the correct room.

Please encourage your child to speak with their tutor in the coming days so that they can schedule a suitable time for their review meeting.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the academy.

Yours faithfully
Mr M Walsh
Assistant Headteacher

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