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Tanzania 2024

Can you help our students fundraise for their expedition to Tanzania in 2024?

Meet Team Tanzania 2024 


I've always been interested in learning more about different cultures. I’m excited to learn more about the communities I’ll be supporting and to make the most of this amazing opportunity!



I'm not able to travel often, so I’m seizing every opportunity that I am offered here at Redhill. I love to give to my local community and experience other cultures, so this trip will be a really joyous experience for me.



I'm really excited about travelling and doing something positive with my time. This is an amazing opportunity and I’m looking forward to learning more about conservation.



I think this is a great opportunity to explore other cultures and help others. I am looking forward to completing my fundraising and having this once in a lifetime experience.



I like travelling and want to see other parts of the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel while helping others and learning about another culture.



I am not a Redhill student but when Milly told me she was fundraising to go and volunteer in Tanzania, I wanted to get involved! I am excited about travelling with Milly and her team and looking forward to experiencing Tanzanian culture.


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