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Pledge System

Explore Redhill Academy's Pledges Program, elevating student engagement and achievements. From residential trips to community projects, students embark on a journey of personal and academic growth.

To further develop this ethos and raise expectations around the importance of engagement from everyone, we have in place an exciting programme called ‘Pledges’. This sees students awarded pledges for their wider contribution to Academy life. The pledge themes are displayed throughout the academy, and staff dedicate time to focusing on helping students identify opportunities to achieve their pledges and the importance of doing so.


Each student will have their own individual ‘Pledge Passport’ which will stay with them through Years 7-11 and is used to record completed pledges. For students in Year 8, we will celebrate their Key Stage 3 Graduation by acknowledging their ‘Pledge’ achievements at the end of year House Commendation Evenings. These events will see the students who are making progress in their Pledges, have outstanding attendance, are making good academic progress and have a positive behaviour profile rewarded at an awards ceremony where they will officially graduate into Key Stage 4. Students in Year 11 will also celebrate their ‘Pledge’ achievements by earning their ‘Passport to the Prom’, again for making progress with their Pledges, outstanding attendance and punctuality, good academic progress and have a positive behaviour profile. Our Pledges will further engage students in opportunities and events that take place in the Academy. We look forward to sharing the successes of students with them as we move forward.

Mr M Hardy, Headteacher



1. To successfully participate in residential trips

Students must ensure they represent the academy’s ethos, values and code of conduct at all times. Examples: Dieppe Trip, Ski Trip, German/French Exchange, Sports Tours, and Performing Arts Trips.

2. To represent the Academy in sports or to contribute to Academy Performing Arts events

Students must represent the academy consistently in sports events or teams (inter-school). Examples: Football, Athletics, Netball, Tennis, Trust/Academy games.

Students must contribute consistently towards Performing Arts events. Examples: Music events, Dance, Drama, backstage, lighting and sound.

3. To read a range of novels every year and complete a book review for at least one book per term

Students must read a range of challenging novels throughout the school year and present a review at least three times. Examples: To Kill a Mockingbird – written review to Tutor/verbal presentation to Tutor group or a visual representation (artwork or collage) incorporating themes, characters and language from the novel. Alternatively, students may negotiate a different response style; song, poem, video diary etc

4. To participate in at least three different assemblies or contribute to organising a Tutor activity or event

Examples: House or Year assembly, organising a Tutor Time debate, presentation or activity.

5. To organise or actively participate in at least three fundraising events

Students must get involved in fundraising events to support local or national charities. These events could be in-House, whole-school or open to the local community. Examples: House Charity, Children in Need, or Comic Relief.

6. To represent the academy / House in ten different events

Tutors to record events in Passport. Examples: Inter-House, Inter-Form, Tug of War, Sporting, Non-Sporting, It’s a Knock-Out, Maths Competition or Challenge.

7. To take part in community projects

Students must make a significant contribution to the local community. Examples: Student Voice and Sports Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh, annual Carol Concert, Primary School visits.

8. To participate in activities that support others within the academy

Students must consistently support their peers in a range of ways. Examples: Mentoring, Coaching, Induction, Options or Paired Reading.

9. To attend cultural or sports events outside of school

Students must demonstrate a consistent commitment to a range of cultural or sporting events outside of school. Examples: Art Galleries, Theatre trips, Sports events/tours.

10. Personal Pledge

To be set by the Tutor with the student.